“Women with Figures” July 14

posted Jun 22, 2012, 9:09 PM by Susan Boggs   [ updated Jul 12, 2012, 12:51 PM ]

Lynet McDonald

Painting professionally since 2006 My favorite topic to draw and paint has always been women’s faces. That was what I first remember drawing when I was a child. Early in childhood, I figured out that I could express myself through my drawings. I could transfer all my feelings to the girls or women in my sketches. Their facial expressions would show exactly how I felt at that moment in time. This was a very empowering tool for me. Now the manager for Redbud Gallery in the Heights, her career is taking off. 

Kelley Devine

Kelley Devine is a Houston-based fine artist who works in a variety of media to explore issues of society and self. Devine received her bachelors in Art with an emphasis in sculpture at Southeastern Louisiana University. Participant in the John Palmers 2010 Escapists mentorship program. Recent highlights include the Red Bull Art of Can 2008, the Red Dot Art Fair 2009. Notable 2011 events include the Artist Project New York, Art Chicago and Houston Fine Art Fair. In January 2012 she was shown at the Los Angeles Art Fair. 
New work will be developed for this show, past work can be seen at http://www.kelleydevine.com/#portfolio

Olga Nydia  Galindo
She grew up in Monterrey, Mexico and developed a passion for fashion and for creating. After moving to Austin, Texas she left the fashion world behind and started adding paint to her drawings. 
Her work blends traditional techniques with whimsical elements creating an edge between innocence and darkness. 

the rorschach butterfly - speed painting by olga galindo

Julie Zarate

Julie Zarate was born in Houston Texas in 1970 where she currently lives and worksShe attended San Jacinto Community College and is currently enrolled in the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.Julie is a resident artist at Gallery ChimMaya in Los Angeles, California. She has had recent solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and several galleries in Houston. Her work has been featured in numerous publications online, in print and on video

Her early years were shaped by popular culture and the empowerment of women, thus most of Julie's works reflect this. However, she is more interested in the journey and new discoveries of creating a new piece of work than with the finished product. This is usually how she discovers something new, either in the execution or the medium. As her work continues to evolve, the strong undercurrent of taking risks, confidence and the sheer desire to create is ever present. Many of her pieces can be seen at :http://www.six06.com/