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Friday – July 20, 2012 
Art League Houston: Exhibitions featuring work by Larry Bob Phillips, Jeff Schmuki, Lisa Marie
Hunter, and Damon J. Thomas. Opening Reception: Friday, 6:00-9:00 PM with Artist Talks at 6:00
PM. 1953 Montrose Blvd.
In the Main gallery, Salon Style – a solo exhibition of new paintings by New Mexico-based artist Larry
Bob Phillips that explore the artist's fascination with challenging the formal conventions of traditional
western painting, manipulate ideas of perspective and representation, and investigate the dynamic
relationship between the history of painting and contemporary graphic culture. Turning the traditional into the new, and the real into the imaginary, Salon Style features a collection of large surreal wall-size black and white paintings that hang at angles that push and pull at the architecture of the gallery’s space. Blurring the boundaries between painting and graphic design, the works present a series of pre modern-era paintings that have been re-interpreted through an illustrative sensibility. "Linear representation is the de facto language of our culture," says Phillips. "Although it does not exist anywhere in nature, it has become fully ingrained within the western mind." Using a traditional technique known as forced perspective to distort the original painting, Phillips states, "I am trying to expand and dimensionalize the painting, so the viewer can
look beyond its two dimensional frame and into a deeper, more meaningful space."
• In the Project Gallery, genAIRator, a horticultural sound installation by Jeff Schmuki that explores themes
   of ecological awareness and food justice, and provides an imaginative alternative to sustainable living by
  functioning as a unique source of fresh produce for local food truck H-town strEATs, which will be
 harvested throughout the show’s duration. genAIRator features a site specific, plant-growth machine
  system that spreads throughout the gallery space and features edible greens as well as plants that filter out
 airborne toxins such as trichloroethylene (TCE), benzene, formaldehyde, and other hazardous indoor
pollutants, providing the gallery space with clean air. The installation is inspired by bioregenerative life
support systems, which describes when plants absorb carbon dioxide and stale air, and provide renewed
oxygen. Additionally, sounds from the genAIRator at work will be broadcast on a low wattage FM station
during the course of the exhibition. Schmuki uses controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) to demonstrate
the sustainable benefits of hydroponics – organic crop yields, lower water usage as well as the fact that
 hydroponics can be used in places where ordinary agriculture or gardening is impossible. genAIRator
invents a new way for nature to connect with people's everyday lives, proving it can take on new roles
within the ever advancing metropolis.
• In the Hallway gallery, Camouflage – an installation of ink drawings, small sculptures, and wall painting by
     Houston-based artist Lisa Marie Hunter that explore themes of personal mysticism and psychology.
    Transforming the hallway into a mysterious and lush landscape, the works reflect the artist's desire to be
   consumed by nature, as opposed to consuming nature itself. Hunter states, "In my life I have been very
  aware of my own ability to adapt to places and people, but with a sense of discontentment. I wish to easily
 adapt to nature and be within it, but without changing or destroying it."
• In the Sculpture Garden, Seasons In Ash – an outdoor sculpture installation by Houston-based ceramic
     artist Damon J. Thomas. The installation features a series of four large-scale clay columns that surge out
    of the ground, exploring themes of nature and transformation. The sculptures have been fired with a
   combination of ash, soda, glaze, slip and oxide, to create a majestic surface that is both raw and beautiful.
Heights Art Studios & Gallery: A Studio Art Party featuring work by Alex Garcia, P.A. Mueller,
Guillermo Hernandez, Karen Roberts, Mark Villalpando, Windy Sky Wind, Stellamaris Jurado,
Tracy Eason, Scott Chiu, Silvio Ligutti, Will Cardosa, Rona Lesser, Gaston Carrio, Silviana Zub,
Hudsun Fremont, Mary Lou Lusk, Geronimo Hernandez, Cheri Randolph, Hector Marcus Juarez,
Alexandra Quevedo, Mohammed Baro, and Brittney Moates. Opening Reception: Friday, 5:30-11:30
PM. 214 East 27th Street.
Jo Mar Visions: Heavy & Alternative – work by Amie Williams, Arianne Venable, Blue 130, Brian
Greb, Caitlin Williams, Cliff Franks, Dan Hamilton, Daniel Elliot, Howie Doyle, Ike Rodriquez,
Iwona Jankowski, Jack Backa, Jennifer Abbot-Pope, Joana Esteves, Johnnie Rosales, Kim
Broadway, Mark Roden, Melanie Moroney, Michael Vollmer, Nathan Allen, Pedro Guevera, Reese
Lynch, Richard Eastman, Robin Silvers, Sam Sullivan, Steve Matis, Treena Rowan, Vickie Neal,
and William Dickehut. Friday, 9:00 PM-midnight, coupling with Mark Roden’s birthday. Saturday,
12:00-7:00 PM, in conjunction with 3rd Saturday Open Studios at Hardy & Nance Studios. 902 Hardy.
Russian Cultural Center: The Romance of Daily Life – paintings by Ukrainian artist Elena Vasilyeva.
Call for time 713/395-3301. 2337 Bissonnet.
Saturday – July 21, 2012 
18 Hands Gallery: 6th Annual CAMEO (Clay Arts & Museum Organization) Exhibition of Emerging
Artists – work by 80 artists from 24 Texas schools and colleges. Opening Reception: Saturday, 6:00-9:00
PM. 249 West 19th Street.
Hello Lucky: Drawings and paintings by Lisa Chow that depict a whimsical world ruled by a little Girl
and her not-so-imaginary friend, Rabbit. Opening Reception: Saturday, 6:00-8:00 PM. 1025 Studewood.
John Ross Palmer Studio: The public unveiling of John Ross Palmer’s International Art Series –
Jerusalem 2012. Saturday, 2:00-4:00 PM. 1218 Heights Blvd.
Lock & Key Party: An interactive social event for single professionals that features a night of self-
facilitated mingling and pressure-free introductions. Here’s how it works: At the event, women are given
stylish padlocks that they wear around their necks, and the men are all given keys. Singles are then
encouraged to meet and greet each other to see if their locks and keys fit. Unlocking the locks reaps
chances to win great prizes, and maybe a great new relationship. The game repeats itself throughout the
evening so people meet many people, not just those with whom they unlock. Saturday, 7:30-9:30 PM.
Clayton’s Restaurant & Club (Greenspoint), 198 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. E. To register, see and use promo code: FEFE to get $5 off the admission.
War’Hous Visual Studios: Ceremony – an art show and market, live concert, and summer beach party
featuring work by Jamie Mayes, J. Walker, Gus Rodriguez, Annette Palmer, Brandy Black, Penny
McDonald, Johnnie Rosales Jr., Nikita Underwood, Eric Harker, Barbara Harmer, Sam Sullivan,
Dianne Webb, Brian Gerb, Valerie Gudell, Daniel Elliot, and Leosapin along with live body painting
by Visual Color Body Art (Valerie Ramirez) and live performances from The Factory Party,
Glasnost, and Night Drive. Saturday, 7:00 PM-1:00 AM. 4715 Main Street.
Watson Gallery: 3rd Anniversary Party – featuring work by Michelle Huff, Richard Eastman, Dana
Speakmon, Joy Beckler, Mic McAllister, Stephen Loy, Ted Calvin, Paul Piman, Carmen Chandler,
Carmen Weber, Shawn Castillo, Juan Villegas, Eugene Hughes, Carol Gregory, Joe Mendetta,
Regina Adraoul, Jay Wehnert, Mike Williams, Robert Berryman, and Barbara Rubenstein with
music by Robin Kirby Band. Saturday, 12:00-5:00 PM. Erie City Iron Works, 1302 Nance St.
William Reaves Fine Art: The Texas Aesthetic V – Contemporary Texas Regionalism. Reception to
Meet the Artists: William Montgomery, William Young, Pat Gabriel, and Debbie Stevens. Saturday,
2:00-4:00 PM. 2313 Brun Street.

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Women With Figures Info below the art shows for this weekend. 

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“Women with Figures” July 14

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Lynet McDonald

Painting professionally since 2006 My favorite topic to draw and paint has always been women’s faces. That was what I first remember drawing when I was a child. Early in childhood, I figured out that I could express myself through my drawings. I could transfer all my feelings to the girls or women in my sketches. Their facial expressions would show exactly how I felt at that moment in time. This was a very empowering tool for me. Now the manager for Redbud Gallery in the Heights, her career is taking off. 

Kelley Devine

Kelley Devine is a Houston-based fine artist who works in a variety of media to explore issues of society and self. Devine received her bachelors in Art with an emphasis in sculpture at Southeastern Louisiana University. Participant in the John Palmers 2010 Escapists mentorship program. Recent highlights include the Red Bull Art of Can 2008, the Red Dot Art Fair 2009. Notable 2011 events include the Artist Project New York, Art Chicago and Houston Fine Art Fair. In January 2012 she was shown at the Los Angeles Art Fair. 
New work will be developed for this show, past work can be seen at

Olga Nydia  Galindo
She grew up in Monterrey, Mexico and developed a passion for fashion and for creating. After moving to Austin, Texas she left the fashion world behind and started adding paint to her drawings. 
Her work blends traditional techniques with whimsical elements creating an edge between innocence and darkness. 

the rorschach butterfly - speed painting by olga galindo

Julie Zarate

Julie Zarate was born in Houston Texas in 1970 where she currently lives and worksShe attended San Jacinto Community College and is currently enrolled in the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.Julie is a resident artist at Gallery ChimMaya in Los Angeles, California. She has had recent solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and several galleries in Houston. Her work has been featured in numerous publications online, in print and on video

Her early years were shaped by popular culture and the empowerment of women, thus most of Julie's works reflect this. However, she is more interested in the journey and new discoveries of creating a new piece of work than with the finished product. This is usually how she discovers something new, either in the execution or the medium. As her work continues to evolve, the strong undercurrent of taking risks, confidence and the sheer desire to create is ever present. Many of her pieces can be seen at : 

Art Events June 29 through July 1

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5-9pm.  $Admission.  Annual Summer Party.  Houston Center for Photography.  CP.  Spin8: Put a Tree on it.  There will be fun events all night long, with special projects for our younger guests (and those young at heart), awesome hotdogs from Good God Hot Dog, free beer from Ale Brewing, summer lemonade, great music from Gracie Chavez and Much More!.  Send in your tree photo.  There will be an exhibition of photos of trees by You!  Send in your favorite tree photos and HCP will pin them up in the exhibition for the party.  HCP will also be creating a collage to fill in a tree in the galleries.  Send in close-ups of leaves, bark , roots, you name it!. Don’t forget to bring your camera for the Photo Scavenger Hunt!. Phone Cameras will not work.  $15 hcp and Trees for Houston Members/$20 advance online tickets/$25pp at the door. 1441 West Alabama.  Houston 77006.  713.529.4755.


6:30-9pm.  Opening Reception.   PG Contemporary.  Featured artist:  Susan Doyle: Hermeneutics Paintings & Lithographs.  3227 Milam Street.  Houston 77006.  713.523.7424.


7-10PM.  Closing Reception.  Phoenicia Specialty Foods/Aerosol Warfare.   An exhibition of GONZO247’S spray paint and plexi-glass series-“YUMMY”.  Artist will be in attendance.  Downtown-1001 Austin Street. Houston 77010.  Complimentary parking;  1 park place garage. Entrance on McKinney for garage. 




11am-1pm.  Closing Reception Event.  Canal Street Gallery-“Final Exam”. Meet the artists. Works on paper by the Students of Arthur Turner.  2219 Canal Street.  Houston 77003. 713.228.3848.


2pm. Artist Talk.    PG Contemporary.  Susan Doyle:  Hermeneutics Paintings & Lithographs. 3227 Milam Street.  Houston 77006.  713.523.7424


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