We Have Moved

For five years we were at the Elder Street Lofts and were know as Elder Street Gallery. Now we continue to hold shows in nicer surroundings, but with the same desire to show Houston artists in a manner that displays their work in a professional manner. 

"Women with Figures"

Lynet McDonald, Kelley Devine, Julie Zarate and Olga Galindo, will be featured in “Women with Figures” on Saturday July 14th from 5pm until 10 pm at S and T Art and Design at Sawyer Heights Lofts. 2424 Sawyer Heights. Map is in Contact us.

Women with Figures” will display works from four women painting sexy, mysterious women who have hidden secrets and entice you to get to know them. A beautiful woman with flowers who, when you look closer, is covered with insects. A woman trying to escape into a fantasy world. Like the women who are in this show, their subjects draw you in and make you want to know more about them. For more information about the show and artists click Recent Announcements on the left column. 

Famous Paintings

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